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The promise of self-driving is the promise of a better world. We just need the right technology to get us there safely. 

With an innovative approach that unleashes the full power of AI to “drive” safely in the real world, Waabi is bringing the promise of self-driving closer to commercialization than ever before. 

The next generation of self-driving technology starts here.

“Self-driving is one of the most exciting and important technologies of our generation. Once solved at scale, it will change the world as we know it.”

Raquel Urtasun,
AI and self-driving  pioneer
Founder and CEO of Waabi

Best-in-class team

AI and self-driving pioneers with unparalleled academia and industry experience.

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Have you ever thought about what it takes to drive? At Waabi, we think about it constantly.

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Past Events

CVPR 2021 conference

CVPR is the premier annual computer vision conference. Join us virtually to see our papers at the main conference,  our tutorials, workshop keynotes as well as mentorship opportunities from our Waabi team. 
Please see the schedule for more details.


Nov. 9, 2021
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Nov. 5, 2021
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A Former Uber Executive Takes a Fresh Approach to Self-Driving Vehicles
Nov. 2, 2021
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Nov. 2, 2021
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AI rock star Raquel Urtasun talks about leadership in the self-driving space
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June 8, 2021
AI pioneer Raquel Urtasun launches self-driving technology startup with backing from Khosla, Uber and Aurora
June 8, 2021
Raquel Urtasun Launches New Self-Driving Startup Waabi With $100 Million CAD From Top Investors
June 8, 2021
The Globe and Mail
U of T AI research star Raquel Urtasun raises US$83.5-million for self-driving startup four months after leaving Uber
June 8, 2021
Uber Veteran Launches Her ‘AI Mindset’ Self-Driving Startup With $83.5 Million Round
June 8, 2021
The Verge
Waabi, the rare autonomous vehicle startup with a woman CEO, raises $83.5 million
June 8, 2021
Press Release
Waabi launches to build a pathway to commercially viable, scalable autonomous driving


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Sanja Fidler

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Waabi’s team of technologists are at the forefront of innovation in the self-driving industry. We believe the builders of technology should reflect the incredible diversity of its users. Our team is made up of passionate and inquisitive people with diverse backgrounds, points of view, and experiences.

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