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Having spent much of my career working to safely introduce self-driving technology into transportation, I am excited to be taking the next step and joining Waabi as Chief Commercial Officer.

I have always believed that autonomy will have an enormous positive impact on our society at large. As the logistics industry has been ravaged by labor shortages and supply chains have been stretched beyond their capacity, the urgency to deploy this technology in trucking specifically has grown immensely.

Significant innovations in hardware, greater acceptance of the technology by the public, and growing support from customers and regulatory bodies alike have all helped accelerate the development of autonomous trucks. But when it comes to a meaningful product and deployment, there is still a long road ahead. Shortcomings in how autonomy systems are being tested and developed have resulted in limited deployment in small operational domains.

At Waabi, we believe there needs to be an overhaul in how we develop autonomous driving systems and how we work with our partners. It is the best of times in terms of market readiness to bring a new solution to the industry and the Waabi solution is faster to deploy, highly scalable, and cost-efficient. With our high fidelity, closed-loop simulator, Waabi World, we are able to front load the development of our autonomy product, the Waabi Driver, in a low-cost, safe and flexible virtual environment. This gives us the unique opportunity to leapfrog others in the industry and deploy a safe, validated product quicker.

In my role as Chief Commercial Officer, I will be building strategic relationships across the vast ecosystem players, working with automotive partners to integrate our product and introducing our game-changing technology to major fleets and shippers. We do this by embracing openness and transparency with our partners, customers, regulators and the general public. Rather than sharing incremental insights into our progress or offering “black box” solutions that cannot be adequately evaluated, we want our partners to be privy to our development journey as we progress to scalable and safe deployment of our product.

I am extremely impressed with the team here and very excited to contribute to Waabi’s mission. I’m honored to be joining our CEO and founder Raquel Urtasun in this venture and I look forward to seeing Waabi’s technology in many trucks on our roads.

Vivian Sun

Vivian Sun

Vivian Sun was recently appointed Chief Commercial Officer at Waabi. She is responsible for Waabi’s go-to-market strategy, commercialization and sales & marketing. She is a leader in the autonomous trucking industry with extensive experience in technology, automotive and transportation fields. As an early employee of TuSimple and VP of Business Development, she was responsible for the overall commercial partnerships and market recognition. She is also a member of the American Trucking Association subcommittees and Vision Advisory Panel at San Diego Association of Governments.