A new paradigm.

Bringing the next-generation self-driving solution to the market.

Meet the Waabi Driver
“Self-driving is one of the most exciting and important technologies of our generation. Once solved at scale, it will change the world as we know it.”

Raquel Urtasun,
Founder and CEO of Waabi

Ready for trucking, now

The Waabi Driver is the next generation of autonomous trucking technology. It can be trained as a whole, make interpretable decisions, apply learned skills to unseen scenarios and geographies, and adapt to any hardware configuration. The Waabi Driver is a complete solution designed for factory-level OEM integration, large-scale commercialization, and safe deployment.

Meet the Waabi Driver

Powered by simulation

Waabi World, the “ultimate school for self-driving vehicles” is the world’s most advanced simulator. It enables us to harmonize work streams across hardware and software teams as well as front load the development of our self-driving system, the Waabi Driver, in a low-cost, safe and flexible virtual environment, significantly reducing the need to drive testing miles in the real world.

Waabi World

Safe, rapid deployment

We are focused on the rapid and safe deployment of our technology in logistics, an industry that stands to gain the most from self-driving due to a chronic driver shortage and pervasive safety issues. To get there, we intend to embrace openness and transparency and work collaboratively with our partners, customers, regulators and the general public. We want to take our partners on this journey with us.

Road to commercialization

World leading experts in self-driving

Led by AI and self-driving pioneer Raquel Urtasun, Waabi’s best-in class team is at the forefront of innovation in self-driving. We believe the promise of self-driving is the promise of a better world. Join our team of passionate people who are the most talented AI leaders, engineers, solution architects in self-driving and self-driving products.

Meet the team