The Next Generation of Autonomous Trucking powered by Generative AI.

Meet the Waabi Driver
“Self-driving trucks have the potential to change the world of logistics, saving many lives and providing a more sustainable future. Waabi’s Generative AI technology is turning that promise into reality with a safe, efficient, and scalable solution unlike anything else in the market.”

Raquel Urtasun,
Founder and CEO of Waabi


The Driver of the Future

The Waabi Driver is the next generation of autonomous trucking technology, powered by Generative AI. It blends the power of an end-to-end trained AI stack with an interpretable architecture, yielding a platform that can be fully validated and verified. The Waabi Driver applies learned skills to unseen scenarios and geographies, and can adapt to any hardware configuration, delivering a complete solution designed for factory-level OEM integration, large-scale commercialization, and safe deployment.

Meet the Waabi Driver

Powered by Simulation

Waabi World is the world’s most advanced simulator, and the key to unlocking the potential of self-driving technology. Waabi World’s highly-scalable closed-loop simulation engine is built with the latest in Generative AI technologies, providing an extremely realistic environment that is immersive and reactive, mirroring the real world in both appearance and behaviours. It enables us to streamline development across hardware and software teams, providing an efficient, safe, and flexible virtual development and test environment, significantly reducing the time and costs needed by previous approaches that rely on large operations teams and vehicle fleets to drive many testing miles in the real world.

Waabi World

Unparalleled AI and Self-Driving Expertise

Led by AI and self-driving pioneer Raquel Urtasun, Waabi’s best-in-class team is at the forefront of AI innovation. We believe the promise of self-driving is the promise of a better world, and that Waabi’s next-generation approach is the only safe and scalable way to realize that.

We are at a transformational moment in history, where Generative AI is poised to take over the physical world, and Waabi is leading that revolution. Join our team of passionate people who are the most talented AI innovators, engineers, and solution architects in the self-driving industry.

Meet the team