We maintain a strong culture of safety. Our every process, decision, and action is a  non-negotiable commitment to improving the safety of our team, our product, and our interactions with the world around us.


We act with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We embrace scientific processes, objectivity, and openness, fostering a culture of honesty and fairness. We lead by example, both internally and in the industry.


We ask candid questions, challenging assumptions and striving to fully understand the problems we face. We engage in thorough discussions, considering the pros and cons of prospective solutions, so that we can move forward with alignment and intent.


We embrace diversity in all forms, actively seeking multiple perspectives, encouraging respectful discourse, and treating all voices as equal regardless of their origin. We assume good intentions, communicating with empathy and without ego.


We are innovators, developing cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards. We learn from each of our successes and failures, and persist through challenges with infinite grit and resilience as we deliver on our mission.


We are decisive, building conviction through logic, wisdom, and data. We take calculated risks when needed, aiming to quickly collect the data needed to validate these decisions. Data increases conviction, conviction accelerates development, and development provides more data, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation.


We own our words and actions. We commit to plans and follow through, communicating any changes in direction, scope or timeline to all stakeholders as early as possible.


We work with purpose, focusing our efforts on innovations that differentiate us, allowing us to do more with less. We seek to understand bottlenecks, addressing them with processes and automation that value reliability and efficiency over pure speed of execution.