in Autonomy
for Safer Roads

The Ultimate School for Self-Driving

Rather than relying solely on ineffective and inefficient real-world testing, we leverage Waabi World’s realistic simulation to more quickly and more reliably perform a greater amount of testing in a safer and more efficient manner. By the time one of our autonomous trucks hits the road, it has already experienced countless driving situations in Waabi World, enabling it to safely navigate any scenario it might encounter, from typical driving conditions to increasingly challenging and unique incidents. On-road testing at Waabi is primarily reserved for the final step of development: validation.

An AI-first Approach

Waabi is the only company building an AI-first solution to autonomous driving. The Waabi Driver, the next generation of autonomous trucking technology, is built on years of innovation in AI and learns from data on its own, enabling it to execute the complex decision-making needed for operating on the road safely.

In Collaboration with the World’s Best Drivers

Our industry-first Million Mile Driver Advisory Board is opening an unprecedented dialogue with world-class truck drivers, giving us valuable insights to continue developing the safest possible autonomous driving technology.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is paramount at Waabi. From day one, we’ve been committed to following industry best practices and meeting the highest standards for safe and responsible operation of autonomous vehicles, including proving the absence of unreasonable risk through our safety claims. This commitment to safety comes to life in the development of our self-driving solution, our approach to simulation, and our plans for responsibly scaling self-driving now and in the future.

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