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My entire career has revolved around a deep passion for trucking and innovation. I’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of professional truck drivers and getting in the trenches to foster relationships between fleets, shippers, and the innovators shaping this ecosystem. As a lifelong trucking advocate, I am committed to continue supporting drivers and bringing technology to shippers in a way that enables their supply chain success as Waabi’s Head of Transportation

“Dustin is a visionary thinker and a gifted leader. I’ve seen first-hand how he brings his extensive experience in trucking and freight to bear on questions of technology and strategy. His transition into autonomous trucking will not only have a significant impact on Waabi, but the entire transportation industry. Dustin has the unique ability to put himself in the drivers’ shoes, and articulates those concerns in a way that moves the conversation in a smarter and empathetic direction.”

David Correll, PhD Co-Director, MIT FreightLab

In my nearly two decades on the fleet side of trucking, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges that drivers struggle with every day—with safety concerns at the top of the list. Thousands of lives are lost in large-truck crashes each year in the US, the driver shortage consistently sits in the tens of thousands, and abysmal truck utilization continually holds fleets back from reaching even half their potential scale and profitability.

Autonomous trucks have a tremendous opportunity to supercharge this industry. Unfortunately, the current developer approach doesn’t fully leverage the power of the trucking industry. They leave fleets with little to no visibility into how the technology is built. Lack of transparency between developers, partners, and customers prevents the full utilization of the knowledge from the industry.

I joined Waabi to be a part of this change. We’re building the next generation of self-driving, an unprecedented AI-first approach to autonomous trucking that is safer and more scalable than any other on the market. Waabi is also leading the industry in deeper, more collaborative relationships between fleets and shippers—something near and dear to my heart—as well as setting a new bar for the role of partnerships in AV development. Waabi embraces transparency and openness, more deeply involving customers in the process of developing a virtual driver.

That is a core part of my role as Waabi’s Head of Transportation. With a career’s worth of hands-on experience with fleets and shippers, I now look forward to engaging with them further in an open dialogue and bringing them closer into the fold on the development of Waabi’s technology. My goal is to build more bridges between self-driving technology and day-to-day trucking operations. In this new role, I am committed to keeping all logistics players’ interests at the forefront of autonomy development, and safely and reliably bringing Waabi’s cutting-edge solution to market.

Autonomous trucks hold so much promise in revitalizing global supply chains, but it will take a breakthrough approach and a strong commitment to collaboration and transparency to make this future a reality. Waabi has both, and in a landscape often riddled with silos, the company is uniquely giving the trucking industry a bigger seat at the table as we develop our technology.

I’m incredibly excited to be part of Waabi and help pave the way for the future of trucking. 

Dustin Koehl

Dustin Koehl

Dustin Koehl was recently appointed Head of Transportation at Waabi. He is responsible for Waabi’s transportation efforts, customer adoption, and building the safety culture in fleet operations. He is a 16-year trucking industry veteran, most recently leading Over-The-Road Operations for U.S. Xpress Enterprises, where he oversaw the re-engineering of OTR trucking through culture transformation and enabling disruptive technologies. He is also an active partner with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s FreightLab, and has served on several industry committees, including positions at the American Trucking Associations and the American Transportation Research Institute.