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Since day one, Waabi has been hyper-focused on revolutionizing transportation and building the next generation of self-driving technology. Our breakthrough AI-first approach has enabled us to progress safely at an unprecedented speed, commercially deploying generative AI-powered autonomous trucks on the road within just two years of launching as a company.

In yet another industry-first, Waabi is partnering with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL), becoming the first AV company to join the center’s Supply Chain Exchange, a group of companies seeking to advance their supply chains through leading-edge research at MIT CTL. Joining the Exchange will cement Waabi’s position as an industry pioneer and thought leader in the next generation of logistics. 

The strategic partnership represents a turning point for autonomous trucking’s role in the most important conversations shaping supply chains. Teaming up with MIT CTL will also enable us to work alongside an elite group of thought leaders powering supply chain transformation, including: leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers, transportation resources, carriers, 3PL providers and logistics service providers to jointly build a roadmap for the future of logistics. 

Bringing Autonomous Vehicles to the forefront of logistics

MIT CTL has been at the helm of supply chain management research and education for 50 years, driving innovation in freight transportation and turning breakthrough ideas into practical solutions for the industry’s biggest hurdles — including a lingering labor shortage, inefficient truck routes and “empty miles,” drivers’ quality of life, and road safety for all. As part of MIT CTL, the Supply Chain Exchange brings together the industry’s leading minds and players to solve these challenges, continually pushing the cutting-edge of freight innovation.

The introduction of Waabi, as a leader in both autonomous trucks and next generation AI, will bring an essential AV perspective to future initiatives, as well as provide our team with a seat at the table for the industry’s emerging innovations. 

“Autonomous trucking technology has the potential to dramatically change the way that supply chains function. Waabi’s approach to developing this technology is truly unique. We are excited to collaborate with the Waabi team to consider what an autonomous freight future could look like from every angle.”

Dr. David Correll, Co-Director, MIT FreightLab

Collaborating on the future of supply chains

This partnership with MIT CTL will result in deep collaboration across multiple supply chain touchpoints aimed at improving efficiency, sustainability, and safety of freight transportation. Our focus areas include labor, road safety, insurance, network optimization and supply chain efficiency 

Our collaborative efforts have started and will continue to expand over time. We are kicking off the partnership with research initiatives around network optimization opportunities enabled by autonomous trucks and a deep dive into the future of logistics infrastructure, specifically what infrastructure will be required to deploy autonomous assets at scale. Our initial collaboration also includes organizing and leading an AV roundtable in early 2024, with Waabi providing the voice of AV in a conversation with partners across the logistics landscape on the future of autonomy in supply chains.

“MIT is at the forefront of innovation across emerging technologies and critical industries, and freight is no different. We are firm believers in their leading role in and collaborative approach to transforming supply chains at scale. We look forward to being the voice of AV in this elite group committed to driving real change and shaping a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient future for logistics.”

Raquel Urtasun, CEO and Founder, Waabi

Leveraging critical learnings for scaling autonomous truck deployment

Joining the Supply Chain Exchange will not only allow Waabi to help shape how freight stakeholders successfully adopt autonomous technology, it will also enable our team to bring critical learnings to our own development and deployment. 

Insights gleaned from this group of industry leaders will be especially important as we continue to make strides towards large-scale commercialization. For example, as we advance our work with Uber Freight, which includes deploying billions of miles of Waabi Driver capacity over the next ten years as well as an industry-first turnkey driver-as-a-service solution, our membership in MIT CTL’s Supply Chain Exchange will be especially valuable for informing lane expansions and ensuring we’re building the best possible products for shippers and carriers.

We’re excited to dive in with MIT CTL and the Supply Chain Exchange. Stay tuned for more as we work together to scale the benefits of autonomous trucks across the logistics landscape.