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Solving self-driving is one of the largest challenges of our generation. It has the potential to impact the world as we know it, but in order to make this future a reality, we need a new way forward.

At Waabi, we believe a culture of innovation and outside-the-box thinking is needed to build the next generation of technology to advance self-driving. While much progress has been made over the past decades, the traditional approaches of overengineering current solutions or waiting for academia to come up with new breakthroughs to unlock self-driving at scale are not sufficient. Simply having a team of researchers working on separate projects siloed from the main production stack is not enough and will not lead to the breakthrough discoveries needed to push this technology and industry forward.

Innovation and purposeful research are core to us as a company for this very reason. At Waabi, research and production work toward the same incentives and objectives, connected in a way this industry has never seen before. We believe this approach is necessary for transformational technology to be built, because it focuses both engineering and research on solving the most important challenges that have stymied progress. This new model ultimately makes our research so much better, uncovering new ways of thinking and providing the foundation for long-term advancements and sustainable innovation.

As part of our commitment to innovation, we’re unveiling our research hub — a place to share much of our research and breakthrough discoveries. Transparency is a conduit to build trust, advance this industry, and share our learnings to further academic research by others. We hope our openness will guide work in the entire academic community toward identifying impactful solutions that will enable self-driving to happen at scale.

We are excited to share our research with you. Please visit here to learn more.